New gravitational evidence makes waves as proof of the Big Bang

It would be hard to keep up a Physics blog and not write about this most recent story, although I admit I’m a little behind the rest.

Researchers believe that gravitational wave signals are proof of a key component of the Big Bang Theory: cosmic inflation. Essentially, when that bang went off, the Universe – which started off as an unbelievably dense, small ball of pure energy – expanded at speeds way beyond that of light, to kick off the massive Universe we know today.

This massive shock expansion would have left behind a blueprint of gravitational waves, the remnants of which are still visible in the oldest light we can see with telescopes. And that’s exactly what the American team, working on a project called BICEP2, have discovered.

It’s an unmistakeable trace that no other known phenomenon would have created, so it seems this could be the nail in the coffin for opposing theories for the creation of the Universe. But what’s maybe even more impressive is the way in which the team managed to keep their results secret, with no leaks, for so long.

[Source: BBC News]


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