Bank note ink could be the basis for cheap quantum computers

Quantum computers could be the next big thing to hit the technology world, with scientists all around the world trying to figure out how to put theory into commercially-viable practice. This latest realisation could be the next step towards bringing a super-fast computer, tablet or even phone into the living room.

A letter published in Nature by a collection of scientists highlights what could be the perfect compound for making quantum computers: copper phthalocyanine, or in other words, the blue pigment common to many bank notes, including the £5 note. The electrons in this compound can achieve the ‘superposition’ state (where it’s technically in two states at the same time – think Schrodinger’s cat) needed to run a quantum computer, but the compound itself is far more readily and cheaply available than other options previously discussed.

If you’re not sure what a quantum computer can do or would like to know how it works, check out my earlier blog post explaining the concept.

[Original article on Gizmodo UK]


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