Experiment #2: Separating an egg with ease

So, first off, it’s been a long time since I last posted: things have weirdly gotten busier, despite me seeming to have less to do! But I’m back and hopefully this will get this blog kickstarted again.

I know that separating an egg might not seem like the most fun way to spend an afternoon, but just wait till you’ve seen this video:

Just like magic, separating an egg seems ridiculously awesome! All you need to do this is two bowls, an egg, and a plastic drinks bottle (or any squeezable bottle with a roughly yolk-sized neck should do). Simply squeeze the bottle, place it over the yolk, and let the air back in: bringing the yolk with it! Then squeeze the bottle over the second bowl and release the yolk.

How does this work? When you squeeze the bottle, you squeeze out extra air that’s no longer needed to fill the bottle. When you release the bottle, that air needs to come back in and fill the bottle again: but there’s a yolk in the way, which gets dragged along with it!

And in the usual way of things, increasing the pressure and squeezing the air out again results in the egg yolk being forced out of the neck of the bottle.

Simple, fun (there’s something really entertaining about the way the yolk just ‘pops’ into the bottle!) and useful for cooking, too!


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