What’s so interesting about science?

This is a science-based blog, mainly themed around Physics (which just means that Physics is the part of science I like best and can write most about). You might be reading this as a scientist; as someone interested in science; as someone looking for answers to homework (believe me, I’ve been there); or as someone who’s really not interested but has stumbled across this post, or this blog, by accident.

There are a whole range of views on science, and although I personally think science is amazing, I can sympathise with those who aren’t as enthusiastic about it as I am. Hopefully, though, I can try and explain my enthusiasm for it and explain why it’s interesting to me, and maybe it’ll rub off on you too!

When I was younger, I wasn’t really sure what I was interested in (well, who is?) – until I went to the Royal Institution‘s Christmas Lectures in 2000, where Kevin Warwick talked about robotics. And that was it; I was hooked. I went through several variations on a theme: I wanted to study robotics, then maths and computer science (which is useful for programming said robots), then maths and physics (so that I didn’t have to do computer science), and then finally physics. By this point, robots were no longer my main focus: but the reason I wanted to do science was the same. I wanted to be able to explain the world around me: to be able to explain everything, including robots, the weather, gravity… you name it.

And that, in a nutshell, is still why I love science. Yes, the maths is a hassle (especially when it goes wrong); the experiments are complicated and fiddly (and they go wrong too); yes, GCSE and even A-level science really aren’t all that exciting; but I’ve made it through all that and come out with a real sense of how the world works. Even though I never studied Biology or Chemistry – not even at A-level – I feel I could make a good stab at figuring out how they work, because the techniques and methods I’ve learnt from Physics can be applied across the board.

To me, all the work I put into my schoolwork and degree has paid off – I can explain and understand a lot of things, some off the cuff, and others with only a small amount of reading or research. It’s science – or rather, my science education – that allowed me to do this, and for that, I will always love it.

(Plus – science allows you to blow stuff up/explode stuff/use lasers…)


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